Salsa Burgers

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Here’s the thing…barbecues were HUGE in our family growing up. Every time the family (meaning aunts, uncles, cousins, distant cousins etc) got together we had a good ol’ American BBQ! Every family had the standard dish they would bring. Aunt Lorinda … Continued

Italian Nachos

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 Ask me what my favorite type of food is and you will mostly likely get an answer something like, “Well…probably Mexican…Wait, no let me change that—Italian…wait, Mexican….” etc Growing up my hometown didn’t have a really good Italian Restaurant until … Continued

Cream Cheese Strawberry Delight

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Sometimes in the HOT summer months desserts just sound…well…not appetizing.  I mean the idea of dessert still sounds good don’t get me wrong but when it is 100+ degrees outside molten lava cake doesn’t hit the spot for me. This is … Continued

Homemade Danish Dessert

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Danish Dessert can be so hard to find depending on your area and the stores you have available. Growing up we could always find it in Smith’s or Albertsons and even at some Wal-Marts. It’s usually in the Jello and … Continued

Three Cheese Mac-n-Cheese

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This Mac and Cheese recipe came about because my husband is a die hard Kraft Mac-n-Cheese fan. You know, the blue box kind! The little packet of cheese kind. The kind I despise! I mean really safety cone orange is not an … Continued

Easy Garlic Teriyaki Chicken

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We LOVE Teriyaki at our house!!  Love might even be an understatement. There are a literally hundreds of Terriyaki Sauce recipes out there and I am convinced I have tried half of them. They all have “secret” ingredients or claim to … Continued

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