We are working hard each week to share some of our family’s favorite recipes and having a blast doing it!  We decided to change it up a bit on this page because we have a second love… kitchen gadgets! You can bet both our Christmas lists are filled with kitchen gadgets, we are always searching for the next great thing. There is just something so satisfying about finding a new tool for your kitchen that you just LOVE (yes caps lock is necessary, we are that excited)

All of the products below are products we use in our kitchens, LOVE, rely on and recommend to all our friends. (Which is You!) Hopefully you find a new favorite! Feel free to ask us any questions too!


Fagor 6 Quart Multi-Cooker (Pressure Cooker)

If you have never used a pressure cooker you should start. Amazing Chicken Tacos, BBQ Ribs, even just straight up Mashed Potatoes in less then 30 mins. This is Karissa’s  baby, if she had to recommend only one product that would dramatically change your kitchen this would be it. Having kids means you are always in a hurry to make dinner. A pressure cooker turns 3 and 4 hour dishes into 30 minute dishes. Its amazing and it is at the top of my wish list this year.




Rosti Margrethe 4.0 Litre Mixing Bowl

And this is my baby… yup a mixing bowl. I tell ya if my house was burning down this is what I would grab. I LOVE (yes necessary caps again) this bowl! Nothing sticks to the sides of it, food doesn’t get trapped in scratches, it doesn’t stain even with hot homemade marinara, it is big enough for a cookie or bread batch, it is heavy duty and it is an amazing red color! (Other colors are available but we all know red is the best, insert wink)

Mixing bowl

Chef’n SleekStor Collapsible Measuring Cups

These are to die for! I want to bear hug whoever thought of these. My measuring cups are usually stored in a drawer, it saves so much room when they collapse flat. But because they can collapse flat it makes it possible to hang them on the inside of my baking cabinet. I just buy 4 small command hooks stick on the inside of the cabinet and they hide away perfectly.

Cups open     cups collapsed

Pyrex Liquid Measuring Cups

I don’t know about you but at my wedding I think 25% of our gifts were Pyrex, for some reason it has the wedding gift market cornered (check out this post for a way cuter wedding gift idea) . But because of this I have tested a lot of Pyrex. They have good solid products but I find most of them heavy and hard to use. So although I have Pyrex stacked in my kitchen I almost always reach for my other brands. One thing though Karissa and I both agree on though is that Pyrex has the best liquid measuring cups. They are amazing with hot liquids, accurate and never slide around on the counter when you are pouring into them.

Pyrex 4 cup


Boyajian Garlic Infused Oil

This isn’t a tool per-say but it can dramatically change your kitchen. Instead of using regular olive oil or canola to stir fry veggies or brown meat, etc use this garlic infused oil and you will get some amazing flavor. This is one of those cheats we use in the kitchen to make life easier and impress people because it just adds a little more depth to your savory foods.

Garlic Oil


Prodyne Cheese Knife

Slicing cheese with this knife is one of my favorite things to do, it actually brings a strange sense of relaxation. Before I found this knife my cheese slices were huge on one side and paper thin on the opposite, it was pretty laughable how pathetic they looked. Now you could serve my slices at a 5 star restaurant, perfectly even and beautiful. Nice knives are usually expensive and their are expensive versions but this $9 one holds it own and cuts through cheddar like it was a stick of butter.

Cheese knife



Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat

Sil Pats are one of those hidden gems of the food community. You line your making sheets with them and they reduce food sticking (way better then even Pam), help hold fragile foods together (i.e. you can use less flour in your chocolate chip cookies and they won’t spread as thin when they bake) and are great when you are working with any goey or sticky like taffy.

Sil pat