Mini Game Day Cheese Balls

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  I’ve always loved sports. I didn’t understand the phrase “love of sports” until I met my husband. Back in his single days…he would host football parties and do a big BBQ night, another friend would host the UFC fight … Continued

Oven Baked Parmesan Fries

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I am from Idaho…I love potatoes…I love potatoes in ANY form. And if you really want to win me over, bring me a really good basket of fries. I love them all. Steak fries. Matchstick. Sweet potato. You name it, … Continued

Simple Creamy Fruit Dip

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  With Superbowl coming up we figured we would do a couple dip recipes for you. An easy and quick, a healthy and one…well, you probably don’t want to count calories on but it is oh so amazing!! This one … Continued

Fresh Cranberry Salsa

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It is fresh cranberry season and I couldn’t be more excited. I am a cranberry lover and wish the fresh cranberry season lasted a little longer. I am fairly new to the fresh cranberry world and am having fun making … Continued

Italian Nachos

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 Ask me what my favorite type of food is and you will mostly likely get an answer something like, “Well…probably Mexican…Wait, no let me change that—Italian…wait, Mexican….” etc Growing up my hometown didn’t have a really good Italian Restaurant until … Continued