The Red Apron Girl first started just as a Pinterest account. I (Rachel)  was collecting so many recipes on Pinterest it made sense to have just an account based around food. I LOVED pinning into it and just being a part of the food world. Eventually though I realized I wanted to be a part of the sharing recipes and not just collecting. I took the idea to my cousin and best friend Karissa (cause blogging is always better with a friend) and she was just as excited as I was. We both have wanted to do something like this for a long time, so we decided to just go for it! And The Red Apron Girl Blog was born.

Red Apron 3_narrow back

Karissa and I have always been family but we really became friends when we roomed together at college. We figured if we were still friends after living in the same room we could definitely be partners in a blog. Not to mention the fact we both love food and a great new recipe!

Us in college words

(This is us in college, judge if you want to but we found cereal for like 50 cents a box! (insert shoulder brush) Don’t tell Karissa I posted the pic of our cereal hoarding though, she’d kill me..shhh!)

Since then we have both gotten married, had a couple kids and moved apart but there is rarely a week that goes by that we don’t talk about food, cooking and of course bragging about our kids. There is no one I would rather work on this blog with. Not to mention most of my family favorite recipes came from her.

Rachel and Nate     Krissy and Marsh cropped

(Aren’t our husband’s adorable … a HUGE thanks goes out to them for all the support they give us so we can do this!)

We grew up in an extended family that is always swapping, tweaking and creating recipes and big family dinners were the highlight of any visit. We wanted to bring those family favorites and creations to you! We both believe that dinner is a sacred time for families and great food only makes it better. So we truly hope you find some new favorite recipes and enjoy them surrounded by family.


The Red Apron Girl(s)

Rachel and Karissa


We love hearing from you guys! So shoot us an email using our contact page. Or comment on one of our posts, we want these recipes to be successful for you so if you are having any trouble let us know.